ETEC 500 Research

Author: Michele Brannon-Hamilton

ETEC 500 Research Methods

ETEC 500 covered the practicalities of educational technology. In this course I learned to think critically by analyzing, synthesizing and critiquing articles. I also learned to recognize my own research biases which included erroneously assuming any article published in an academic article was research worthy and error free.

By learning how to properly conduct qualitative and quantitative research, I was able to analyze research studies critically with regard to sample size, type of research and methodology.

Other activities in this course included observing, writing and reflecting as a field researcher and critically examining photos. Collaboratively, we discussed different types of research and edited each others writing extensively.

With regards to research, we investigated edlib and the eric database while learning to use APA with various types of resources.

The final culminating project consisted of writing a literature review and research proposal on an area of interest while incorporating the information learned in this class.

I chose to include my research proposal as an artifact for this course because it demonstrates my ability to understand and utilize the research skills I learned in this course. It also represents my belief that research advances knowledge, a concept presented to me in class.


3 Critques
Literature Review
Research Proposal



Favourite Resources

Gay, L.R., Mills, G.E., & Airasian, P.W. (2009). Educational research: Competencies for analysis and application (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill Prentice Hall.