the Reward

Author: Michele Brannon-Hamilton

Coronet Cluster: A Neighbor of Star Formation (A region of star formation about 420 light years from Earth.)

The Reward

I started my two year journey through the land of MET on a quest seeking knowledge and understanding regarding educational technology. I gained so much more because the journey was the reward.  From the social connections, to the content, to the skills, to the confidence I gained during my travels, the rewards were bountiful and will continue beyond this degree.

In ETEC 590 ePortfolio, I looked back and reflected on the preparation, the journey, the wisdom and the reward with awe. It was here that I decided to continue my journey into the world of educational technology. I hope to find a new job in this exciting field, continue my blog and teach others what I have learned.

I chose my symbol of a quest because it represents my journey of discovery. As in many quests, often the true discovery is the one found in the heart of the traveller. Before this program, I was unsure of my path which I now see leading toward more education, perhaps a Phd.

As a writer, my metaphor represents a book without an ending in which many chapters have yet to be written. Also, like in a neverending e-story I will continually upgrade my skills, maintain my connections to the MET community and help build upon this ever growing collection of knowledge.

So it is with enlightenment and an ePortfolio full of knowledge that I stop awhile to prepare for the next leg of my journey. Thank you for taking the time from your journey to stop here along the way.

Michele Brannon-Hamilton