the Journey

Author: Michele Brannon-Hamilton

A petición de Fran.
By Jordi Armengol on Flickr

The Journey

MET definitely became a journey into an unknown land, a land of technology and digital media. On this journey, I have encountered new worlds where I have traveled through learning management systems, blogs, wikis and websites to name just a few unknown places.

I have met fellow travellers, wise guides and even heroes along the way while overcoming formidable challenges. Great people have helped guide me when I was lost, translated languages for me when I didn’t understand and collaborated with me to build towers of knowledge. Together we then used this new information to assist others in their own journeys.

Along the way, I entered several new worlds.

In ETEC 510 Design, I put theory into practice while designing educational environments. It was here I learned how to use aspects of theory to design material that would engage students and adhere to educational pedagogy.

In ETEC 565 Selection and Design, I entered into the world of social media where I was trained in blogs, wikis and various types of social media. Collaborating with others, furthered my knowledge and designing learning environments helped perfect my skills. It was here I practiced what I learned and saw the magic of technology transform educational environments into active learning spaces.

In ETEC 522 Ventures, I found myself in an unknown land of the business side of educational technology. At first, I was unfamiliar with the landscape and the language but with the help of others I soon found myself fascinated with new ventures. It was here I learned how to look beyond the surface of educational technology into the world of financial decision making and investment.

In ETEC 532 Arts and Humanities, I stopped to ponder what I had learned so far. Reflecting on the skills I had developed, I looked beyond the technology to the culture behind the symbols and tools. It was here, I began to understand the power those holding the technology could inadvertently have over those without. I learned to value diversity and to respect the many cultures of those I would encounter throughout my journey.

Often the journey was fraught with challenges but it was while overcoming obstacles that I discovered the collective wisdom of those also travelling through the world of MET.