Practice Page

Author: Michele Brannon-Hamilton

I decided to keep this page in my ePortfolio because it demonstrates the importance of process. I used this page to try different techniques without worrying about ruining a page. I found having this page allowed me to take a chance and try something new. It reminds me of a place of training where a novice can go safely to learn. Following is how the page developed:

I’m using this page to try out a few things like adding links, images and video.

This is a text file: mbrannonhamilton Final Paper 511 I found that using particular code allowed me to insert a file that opens with a click. Based on a suggestion from a classmate, I realize it would work better if I could create links that open in a different window from the link so readers wouldn’t have to use the back button.

Next, I realized I could open pdf files but not some Word files:

This worked so I know now that I can upload pdf files and link them to this site but I can’t seem to upload docx files. Now I will try changing the look of the page.

Artifacts – I can create a large heading

This is a text file: mbrannonhamilton Final Paper 511

Now I’m going to add a photo:

Well it worked but it’s not exactly where I had planned for it to be. I find it difficult to place photos where I want them.

Now I am going to try embedding a video:
Why I love England on PhotoPeach

Please enjoy my video of England. If you have any trouble viewing the slide show with sound, please click directly on the middle of the video picture a second time and it will take you to the original on which has sound. I chose the song Landing in London which compliments the slide show. Enjoy!

I was thrilled when this video worked since it ‘s much nicer to embed a video on the page than link one.

Baalbek, Syria.
By Jordi Armengol on Flickr

A petición de Fran.

This has been one of the most useful pages on my weblog. It allows me the freedom to try new things without messing up any of my other pages.

I’m going to try linking a word on this page to another page because I need to do that throughout my ePortfolio.